Our profile

Hangzhou Huarong Pharm Co., Ltd. established since 2009 , has been always focusing on supplying products and services to our clients in the field of small molecule drug. 

Huarong Pharm has built platforms for the research, development and manufacturing of Building Blocks, Reference Compounds & Impurities, Natural products, APIs & Intermediates, Antibody-drug Conjugates (ADCs) and others. 

Our culture

Vision: Our vision is to become a world-class leading company to support life science innovation and manufacturing.

Mission: Our mission is to provide valuable products for clients in the field of small molecule drug.

Value: Responsibility, Team spirit, Professionalism & Efficiency, Constant growth.

Our history

               2017.02   Established Joint venture cGMP factory for CDMO business.

               2016.09  Established Joint R&D Center.

               2015.03  Started investing to existing factories with share 15-25%.

               2013.04  Established Regulation Department 

               2009.07  The firm was established.